Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active


Release Date: Jun 2013

OS: Android (4.2.2) TouchWiz Nature UX UI

Screen Size: 5.0 inch

Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels

Camera: 8 megapixels

  • premium Galaxy camera
  • Dust, moisture and scratch-resistant screen
  • universal remote
  • Aqua Mode
  • SAFE™ Security

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Features:

Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active came with a sporty design and durable device for outside uses. It has a protective, stylish design that can go just about anywhere.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is more comfortable to hold its edges are more rounded and the extra fractions of an inch make a strong grip. The screen is made with Gorilla® Glass 2, so it’s tougher and more scratch-resistant.

A premium camera with unique and custom shooting modes takes strong daylight photos, and delivers the majority of Android 4.2 features. Aqua Mode Means You Can Capture Your Poolside Experience from Inside the Pool.

WatchON™ helps you control your TV by turning your phone into a universal remote. SAFE™ keeps work data secure and personal stuff private no matter where you are or which network you’re using.

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